Client Portfolio

Our Client Portfolio

  We routed, permitted, and escorted 1,200 loads of pre-cast concrete road panels for JPC Logistics, a NJ based pre-cast concrete manufacturer, from both of its locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the RFK Tri-Boro bridge in New York City, from 2007 thru 2008.

  In 2011, we routed, permitted, and escorted 1,000 oversize loads of pre-cast concrete road panels from Trenton, NJ, to I93 in Medford, MA, within 3 months across three states.

  Currently working with J. Supor & Sons in routing and in planning stage for the World Trade Center Transit Hub, some of the largest loads to ever move in New York City. Steel structures are to be delivered by ship into Brooklyn NY from Italy, then moved by truck to lower Mannhattan.

  For the 2013 NYC Boat Show, we routed, permitted, and escorted 8 oversize boats in & out of the Javits Center in New York City for Brink Truck Lines.

  We are currently working with Testa Corporation, one of the countries largest dismantling companies, in Detroit, New York City, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. We provide permit, routing, and escorts for all their oversize moves.

  For Jesco Equipment Rental, we provide daily all routing, permits, and escort services. Jesco specializes in retail sales and rentals of John Deere heavy equipments, and has seven (7) locations in the East Coast.

  Whenever the need arises, we provide escorting and permitting for Bay Crane, and for Bay Crane North East for moving hydraulic self-propelled cranes or oversize truck loads  .

  OmniSource Corp. and Lawrence Transportation Services are carriers of roof trusses for new construction, large wharehouses and storage buildings, and we've provided routing, permiting, and escorting of loads anywhere from Virginia to Maine.

  We started working with Svensson Boat Transport eight (8) years ago moving boats thru New York City. They are our first and oldest customer. Now, we route, permit, and escort for them from Florida to New York on a regular basis. At the recent boat show, we moved six (6) boats in & out of New York City.

Thank you to all our customers!


After Super Storm Sandy hit here in Staten Island, our local escorts, office staff, and our neighbors were some of the very first civilians to get out on the streets to help the communities begin to recover from the storm. We were out at first to get people the immediate help to clear the streets and get back to their homes. Then to transport materials and supplies from the NYC OEM locations to the homeowners trying desperately to get back to normal. We then added hot food and coffee, soup and some non-perishables to the list. The Merrillo family organized a toy drive before Christmas for the boys and girls of P.S. 38 who took a direct hit from the storm, some will never see their homes again. Together we were able to deliver over 1,000 toys to their school before their Christmas break. I am very proud of my friends who gave all they could to this effort.

John Incontrera