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High Wide & Heavy Oversize Escorts, LLC is a pilot car company based in New York City. We are dedicated to quality service, and the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our cars are NY State Certified Escorts who provide pilot car services throughout the East Coast. Our high standards ensure we can provide an oversize load escort that is prompt, professional, reliable, experienced, and compliant to state regulations. We also specialize in processing permit applications for all 48 states and Canada, using our Online Permit Application app.


All applications received after 2pm will be processed the following business day.

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Office:  (718) 966-7255
Ext. 1 for Permits
Ext. 2 for Route Surveys
Ext. 3 for Dispatch
Ext. 4 for Accounts Payable/
Accounts Receivable 

Emergency only:

Permit Application

We process oversize/overweight permit applications for all 48 States and Canada. Our use of the available technology to expedite this process allows us to turn around applications faster than ever before. We process applications thru our online permit application, as well as by fax, email or phone.

Oversize Escort

We provide Escort vehicles throughout the US and Canada, & our network of reliable, compliant and technologically advanced vehicles will provide on-time and safe delivery. Our fleet of independent escorts are fully compliant and well equipped. All you need to do is "Follow the...Leader"

Routing Service

We employ a network of independent certified escorts that provide us with the most up to date knowledge of routing options. Our use of all available sources to check routing for continuity. However, it is our real practical knowledge that allows us to provide the best routing in the industry.


Our online Permit Application form for Oversize/Overweight Vehicles is now available! Click below to visit the online form. New York City DOT permit office requires 48-hour advanced notice. Applications submitted before 5pm EST today would be available two business days later.

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